About Us
The Johor Sand & Granite Lorry Operators' Association had humble beginnings when it was founded in late Feb 2012 with only 7 members. Having rapidly grown its membership, recently, at the second annual dinner, over 1000 people gathered, supporting its President.

The association was formed in order to provide a business information network and share knowledge and information among the members. It also aims to promote a fair business atmosphere and opportunities to the industry and to improve relationships among operators in the region. Lastly, it is helping to avoid price wars among its members.

Important tasks
A key task is to work together with government agencies to improve the national road traffic. This is done by means of providing information to national road safety committees and in cooperation with government authorities like JPJ, Traffic Police and PUSPAKOM to name just a few.

In line with this, the association is planning to develop a training centre to conduct classes for the members’ drivers. The idea is to provide training courses pertaining to road safety, enhance basic knowledge of lorries (mainly rigid / tipper) and their maintenance.

The association was successfully registered with ROS 16th April 2012 and it immediately took to handling important issues. Besides that, it also managed to draft the specification or standard conditional of the lorry tipper that is suitable to ferry sand and granite.

On 24th Sept 2013, a seminar was jointly organized with PUSPAKOM Johor Bahru, catering specifically to member’s workshop foremen to aim for better understanding of the standard of inspection by PUSPAKOM. It was only on 30th Sept 2012 that the official opening of the association took place in its own premises at Taman Johor Jaya.        


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